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Jeremy Sheppard, Rajan "Ray" Barnes, and Quenton Jackson at CF Graduation


"Andy and I are avid sports fans. Our three boys have followed in those footsteps. Four years ago when we started attending College of Central Florida basketball games we realized the more games we attended, the more we wanted to know about the players off the court. We reached out to get to know them better, and it mushroomed into so much more.


These student athletes have become much more than guys and girls we cheer on the court; they have become like family. We have been blessed as much as we have tried to bless them. Like in the photo on the right when two of my son, Cade's, favorite CF women's team members Tiahna "TT" (L) and Hannah (R), came to cheer for him at his elementary graduation.


We have been honored to play a role in helping young adults make their way in the world. We have challenged them to excel in academics, believe in themselves and learn to communicate more effectively. I love it when a former player calls me from across the country to get one of my recipes! We love #OurHoopsFamily!" 


Australian Forward, Tiahna "TT"  Sears (L) and Apopka Forward, Hannah King, have become adopted big sisters in the Campbell family. Cade was excited to have two of his favorite CF women's basketball players cheering for him at his elementary graduation.

"With my mom in California, it was nice to have someone willing to stand in for her. Mrs. Campbell was tough on me when I needed it, but she always had my back. From home cooked meals to tutoring in my classes, the Campbells made me feel like I was a part of their family, and I'll always be grateful for them."

Quenton Jackson, Englewood, CA 

2019-21 Texas A&M basketball Guard


"When your only son is nearly 3,000 miles away, there's comfort in knowing another 'mom' is there for you and your child. Allison means so much to me and Q. His time in Florida would not have been the same without her and her family. They will forever be a part of our lives." 

Keasha Preston, Englewood, CA

Mother of Quenton Jackson


"When you move across the globe to play college basketball, no matter how much you love it, you miss family. The Campbell family has welcomed me with open arms and included me in American traditions like Thanksgiving and a special visit to Marion County's Veteran's Park for Memorial Day. I'm not sure how I would make it without my Ocala #HoopsFamily!"

Tiahna "TT" Sears, Australian Forward, 2019-21 UMass Lowell Guard/Forward


"I'm very thankful for the way Allison and her family have provided a local family for me during my time at CF. Since I'm just from Apopka, I'm not that far from home, but our schedules make travel time tight. I've grown so much under Allison's influence. Most of all, she has inspired me to pay it forward. I love mentoring young players and hope to have a family of my own one day and open our home to college students, too. The Campbells have been such a blessing in my life."

Hannah King, 2019-20 College of Central Florida Forward from Apopka

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