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Clear Vision. Clear Voice.

Allison B. Campbell has Vision to Keep Improving:
  • Accountability, because high expectations produce greater results.
  • Budgets for Students' Success, because funding should follow students.
  • Common Sense in Education, because the next generation deserves our best.
Allison B. Campbell has a Voice for:
  • Parents of current Marion County Public Schools' students.
  • Strong fiscal management to ensure wise investment of the resources managed by the school board.
  • Experienced leaders who have owned businesses, managed organizations, served on boards, written policies and led by example.
  • Every Marion County voter who understands the education our children receive today will impact this community for generations to come.
More ABCs to Keep Improving Our Schools...
Closing the Gap

In Marion County, we have some students excelling in schools, acing standardized tests and others unable to read at grade level. The gap was widening between the two groups, but in 2021 improvement started happening. We need to continue to challenge our highest achievers and find new ways to help those struggling reach their fullest potential. We must continue to make tough decisions and make real change in our school system. We can keep improving our schools with ABC.

Building a Better School System
  • Administration
  • Budgeting
  • Contracting


Improving Opportunities for Our Educators
  • Achievement
  • Business Partners
  • Curriculum
Preparing Our Students for the Workforce
  • Applied Technology
  • Business Acumen
  • Communication Competency
Strengthening Our Students' Character
  • Accountability
  • Bravery
  • Compassion
Developing the Complete Student
  • Academics
  • Balance
  • Culture
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