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New Vision. New Voice.

Allison B. Campbell has Vision for Improving:
  • Attendance, because students must participate to learn.
  • Budget Accountability, because as someone who has managed multi-million dollar budgets, I understand the risk and benefits of effective money management.
  • Communication, because students need effective communication skills to exceed, and they need leaders who teach by example.
Allison B. Campbell has a Voice for:
  • Parents of current Marion County Public Schools' students.
  • Strong fiscal management to ensure wise investment of the resources managed the school board.
  • Experienced leaders who have worked in corporate America, owned small businesses and served on board of directors, writing policy and leading by example.
  • Every Marion County voter who understands the education our children receive will impact this community for generations.
More ABCs for Improving Our Schools...
Closing the Gap

In Marion County, we have some students excelling in schools, acing standardized tests and others unable to read at grade level. The gap is widening between the two groups. We need to challenge our highest achievers and find new ways to help those struggling reach their fullest potential. It’s time to make tough decisions and make real change in our school system. We can improve our schools with ABC.

Building a Better School System
  • Administration
  • Budgeting
  • Contracting


Improve Opportunities for Our Educators
  • Achievement

  • Business Partners

  • Curriculum

Prepare Our Students for the Workforce
  • Applied Technology

  • Business Acumen

  • Communication Competency

Strengthen Our Students' Character
  • Accountability

  • Bravery

  • Compassion

Develop the Complete Student
  • Academics

  • Balance

  • Culture

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